Develop Stronger Self Esteem This Holiday Season and Beyond

The holidays can wreak havoc on your self esteem with families who take you back to your teenage years with just one comment about your choice of living room furniture, in laws who ask your spouse about your cooking skills while you are standing right next to him, a partner who moves away from you at a party when you try to hold his hand.. . So many opportunities arise for either praise or wounding and with hopes high for a happy holiday, many people are at risk for taking a blow to their self esteem at this time of year.

Being aware of this danger is important, not as something to be anxious about, but as an opportunity to make this time you finally work on boosting your self esteem. The challenges of the season give you chances to practice new skills, learn about yourself, and develop a stronger self-image than ever before, rather than letting people bring you down.
This year for the holidays, read more about the challenges you face and start building yourself up right now.

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Neil Warner is the CTO of Creative Conflict Resolutions. He offer strategies to heal difficult issues in a relationship such as anger, passive aggression. His latest program, Stop Your Passive Aggression, offer a plan for action to change your life by eliminating passive aggressive behaviors from your communication style.

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