Fight Fair During the Holidays and Watch Your Relationships Improve!

Just the idea of fighting at the holidays is enough to make most people cringe. Fighting seems wrong, like it goes against the very foundations of the holidays – love, peace and happiness. But there are 2 very simple reasons why fighting is right at the holidays

1) Most families are made up of people with very different lives, ideas, beliefs and feelings
2)Fighting has an unnecessarily bad reputation

With how different people are, there are naturally going to be times when we disagree or have needs that are not being met in the way that we need them to be. Conflict is how we address these concerns and issues. Conflict is simply a form of communication and, as with any communication, can be done effectively or ineffectively. When we approach conflict in an effective way when we learn to fight fair, we can resolve issues in a calm and comfortable way.

Being in close contact with family members at the holidays can be anxiety producing when you stick with old habits and ways of thinking. This year, take a different look at conflict, a different look at what someone is trying to tell you during a fight. This in itself may help relieve a lot of that anxiety for you. Take that even further though and learn some new conflict skills to help yourself have a more peaceful and joyous holiday season this year and for years to come.

About Neil

Neil Warner is the CTO of Creative Conflict Resolutions. He offer strategies to heal difficult issues in a relationship such as anger, passive aggression. His latest program, Stop Your Passive Aggression, offer a plan for action to change your life by eliminating passive aggressive behaviors from your communication style.

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