Preserve Your Sanity This Holiday Season

If you are like many of us, spending the holidays with your family fills you with an odd mix of hope, anxiety and dread.

Rather than joy, most people have experienced pain and frustration in past years and can’t help but expect the same again, though they hope that “this year, finally, will be different.

Unfortunately, after years of dad reminding of your teenage mistakes, or your brother eying your waistline and telling you not to eat too many cookies, or husband commenting at dinner that you never could get the stuffing right, it can be pretty difficult to imagine things being more comfortable this year.

It can be next to impossible to allow things to be different in fact, because your defense system is in hyper drive and habits are hard to break.

This year can be different though.  It is not impossible to allow and even create change, it’s just a challenge that may be a little too big to face on your own.

Having support and encouragement this time of year is a better gift than any shiny box under the tree.  Someone not swimming in the muddy waters of your family conflicts can lend you hand to pull you ashore and show you the way through to change, calm and joy.

Don’t go through this alone this year, you don’t have to.

Read more about preserving yourself, your sanity, your peace this holiday season and come through it with a little more shine and sparkle than ever before.

About Nora Femenia

Nora Femenia, Ph.D, is the CEO of Creative Conflict Resolutions and the author of the book The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband, a field guide for women that have to deal with passive aggression in their partners. Nora also post regularly to her blog Creative Conflicts. Visit her blog and join the community to discuss issues related to Conflicts, Relationships and receive Free her book “Breaking Free From The Silent Treatment”

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