Thanksgiving spirit: how letting go of the past creates your better future!

letting go


Now is the time for letting go of the past!

We all know that there is a lot of abuse in this world…from parents to children, between spouses and also in the workplace. It is around us, and if we are not aware, interpersonal abuse can hit us unexpectedly.

How many times have you been left with a sour taste in your mouth, realizing someone else put you down for nothing, but the pleasure of humiliating somebody in public? I do remember my own boss, saying things that looked as positive comments, up until I could understand the barbed criticism underneath…

 Abuse is around us, and when you suffer it, you learn to recognize the thousand ways it can appear in our lives. Abuse is hurtful, its impact lasts for a long time, and is difficult to repair. Abuse as a child, is even worse, because it teaches you a bitter lesson: that you are nothing, and that you have no place in the world… When it did happen to me, I ended up convinced that the world was full of harsh, negative people I could not trust. Grownups around were either abusive or silent supporters of the abuse, because nobody defended me from it.

That feeling of utter helplessness still lingers in me and can raise its head sometimes: “I’m alone, nobody wants to help me, because I’m unworthy of being accepted, loved and valued…” That is a heavy load to carry in life! It can make you depressed, rob your motivation and keep you away from enjoying your own life. How many of the people around you are still carrying that feeling around? I mean: feeling unworthy of love, accepting demeaning relationships; considering that being in an abusive relationship is normal…and on and on.

After working on my abused child mindset for years, and getting to the point when I could repair my self-esteem and accept myself as a valuable human being, I have learned a couple of lessons. Those lessons are very important for you too! The first one is to get to the hidden meaning of the abusive situation, and understand why in my life, like in yours, we had to go through an abusive relationship. The second one is, having learned the “why am I here in this abusive relationship?” answer, is to let go of that relationship as fast as I could.

Being able of letting go of the relationship with the less damage, and gaining a new resilience strength has served me well in the period after leaving that relationship. I have learned how to manage abuse, how to stand up for my own needs, how to respect myself and teach others to respect my integrity, and how to be the owner of my own life. I want to share all my lessons with you, so you can also let go of this painful abusive situation as fast as you get the lesson hidden in it, and with that precious treasure, walk into your own new, abuse-less life. Here is your free book: Letting Go of an Abusive Relationship”.   

Now, let’s have a peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving!

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Nora Femenia, Ph.D, is the CEO of Creative Conflict Resolutions and the author of the book The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband, a field guide for women that have to deal with passive aggression in their partners. Nora also post regularly to her blog Creative Conflicts. Visit her blog and join the community to discuss issues related to Conflicts, Relationships and receive Free her book “Breaking Free From The Silent Treatment”

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