Five Ways a Narcissistic Husband Controls His Wife

Can there Be Room For Personal Growth Living With A Narcissistic Husband?

Let’s see:

narcissistic husbandIf there are many opportunities when you feel that the person besides you is trying to control or manipulate your reality, then a lot of confusion can fog your brain…

Is he doing it, really? and then, why would he do such a thing?

It’s difficult to separate narcissistic behavior from the usual positive behavior of your partner, but…

There are those behaviors you can’t explain away:

  • Have you found him making jokes about you to his friends? Is he having fun speaking of personal difficulties you can have, as not remembering things or being sick?
  • Is he the last to acknowledge that you have some good accomplishments at your work?
  • Do you feel pushed to decide against your will, because he has already decided for you? And, if you try to resist or renegotiate, you find him upset or threatening?
  • Do you have to be always accountable to him about your money, or how you spend your time?
  • Do you feel like a puppet, with no personal space to make decisions about your own life?

This Behavior Is Geared Towards Controlling:

  1. Your self-image;
  2. Your mind;
  3. Your resources, like time or money;
  4. Your connections with loved ones or friends;
  5. Your life plan, or what you want for your future, that has to be with him.

How Do You Know If You Are Being Controlled Like a Puppet?

Look at your own behavior:

  • Do you try to avoid conflicts by not doing anything that would cause conflict or make him partner angry?
  • Always do what he wants, instead of what you want to do?
  • Fear making decisions by yourself, because he will get furious that you dared to think by yourself?
  • Really, really believe that there is no life for you outside of this marriage?

Getting to this point, the picture can get depressing…along the way, your own dreams and wishes have been ignored. And you end up forgetting yourself!

Please, remember that along our lives, we have multiple opportunities to remember who we are, the kind of person we want to be and the multiple gifts that we need to use  daily to feel that we are accomplishing our life mission.

Nobody was born to be only a puppet of another person!

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